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I started working out at LOOP Fitness in May of 2011 after years of working out at commercial gyms.  My wife and I had two daughters at the time and my youngest was 9 months old and I was struggling to lose my “baby weight” aka sympathy weight aka years of crappy eating and crappy training.  I also had occasional back pain and a complete lack of flexibility.  I am 5’11 and at the time I was at a record weight of 205lbs.  After my first group session at LOOP Fitness, I knew I was in the right place.  My years of going to the gym at 630 am and wondering around aimlessly focusing on Bi’s, Tris, Chest, etc were over with.  The fast paced format, group interaction and intensity was exactly what I needed to jump start a complete life change.  Today I weigh 180 lbs and my body fat % has dropped from 29% to 14.5%. Yes, I have cut my fat in half while gaining muscle. I feel better, I no longer have back issues, and my flexibility has improved drastically.  My goal for 2014 is to maintain where I’m at, improve my current diet, and train to learn muscle ups.

 Jonathan Hill

I began being coached by Vince about 5 years ago.  I never had a long-term thinking coach who was focused on my goals and could work with my physical limitations.  After injuring my low back 20+ years ago, I have had a tough time sticking with any exercise routine because I would ultimately get hurt.  As I began working with Vince and he saw my limitations, he immediately put a stop to everything I was doing and put me through a program that strengthened my core, hips and entire back.  It was only after HE was comfortable with my progress that he would allow me to begin lifting weights and participate in the classes at LOOP Fitness.  To this day, if he sees something is not right with my form, he immediately stops me.  At 46, I am stronger than I ever have been and can do things I never imagined I could do with a back issue.  Their knowledge about how the body works is incredible. They are equally passionate about their jobs and I am grateful that I have them to work with everyday.

Martha Casey


The LOOP is a very special place.  I spent many years logging miles and miles and countless hours of cardio.  I am pretty stubborn and so when the coaches said “Teresa, spend less time in the gym. Stop pounding the pavement and lift really heavy things. Change your intensity and your eating habits and trust us.”  I was skeptical, but “even rats can learn”  and since have been coming to the LOOP I feel like I am stronger and in better shape than I ever was logging 30 miles a week.  So I admit they were right – they know what they are talking about!!

Now – other than the fact that you get results at the LOOP, there are many other wonderful things that help bring those results to fruition. It is a family and everyone supports each other no matter what level of fitness you possess. It’s like being on a team-we are all invested in each other’s success. It makes pushing yourself to the limit a lot easier when you are surrounded by others who are in the same boat with the same goal-to push hard and make improvements.

 – Teresa D.