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Mobility/flexibility class?

The idea of doing a class based purely on improving movement and flexibility has been tossed around. It is the least likely area of fitness that ANYONE will work on by themselves on their own. Think about it. When was the last time you spent a good 30-60 minutes improving your ability to move? Are you tired of hearing “get lower, chest up!” multiple times a week? No you won’t leave super sweaty, no you won’t suddenly loses inches on your waist but no exercise is going to do that anyways.

Injuries typically occur for one reason.

A poor movement pattern.

Poor movement patterns are developed over time and not always easily fixed without work. Sometimes they require a small amount of coaching to improve. Often they require much more, actual change in the soft tissue itself.

How interested would you be in improving your actual ability to move, thus improving your performance, strength, reduce risk of injury,  improve metabolic performance? If none of those things are important to you, what is the point of exercising at all?