LOOP Fit is a high-intensity group exercise that we started in 2010 as a program called “Metabolic Mayhem”. Since then it has constantly transformed and morphed into something bigger and better. LOOP Fit has become a concoction of multiple group fitness concepts all blended into one. Many people recognize some methodology also used by Crossfit, some might recognize similar heart rate monitoring used by Orange Theory Gyms. Each session begins with a dynamic warmup to prepare for our skill/strength movement for the day, then we focus on that movement for a while and constantly make progressions through the 12 week “quarter”. We typically focus on 3 movements to put a lot of focus into each quarter. Each of these movements have multiple progressions for our athletes of different strengths to improve upon. Some will improve much faster, some slower. ALL will get better! We then have a “finisher” to end our workout. Sometimes these are short, sometimes they are longer. They are comprised of a variety of intelligent exercises into some sort of circuit that may seem random to you, but has it’s scientific background and reasoning. With our Polar Heart Rate monitoring system, we can coach everyone to work to the appropriate level of intensity. If you are new, that’s OK! We can monitor your Heart Rate to keep you at a level where you can succeed at the appropriate pace without feeling like death is waiting for you at any moment. We do not believe that you should dread your workout because you will spend the rest of the day with nausea and a headache.  As you get “better shape” you will see you have more ability to go at higher intensity levels and for longer amounts of time. If getting better with a group of people who also desire to improve sounds like fun to you, fill out this questionnaire. We will call you to begin your assessment and start making the NEW flexible, stronger, and more fit YOU.


Post workout recap. This data goes to everyone’s personal online training diary so they can keep up with all of their workouts.


the tv during the workout with everyone’s heart rate (measure of intensity) at once.



Screenshot of the TV during a finisher. This is one where everyone was really digging deep and pushing hard at the finish!





5:05 am class in action!



Noon class with the Prowlers!



5:05 am LOOP Fit is the best way to start your day!



We offer a variety of class times for your convenience:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday- 5:05 am, 7:40 am, 12:00 pm, 5:30 pm*

* We have a Thursday evening session instead of Friday evening

$129 per month

Also included with the LOOP Fit Group Program:

  • Thorough assessment of goals and lifestyle
  • Create a plan of action to achieve health and fitness goals
  • Thorough physical assessment to pinpoint specific corrective needs
  • Nutritional recommendations to maximize changes in body composition
  • Learn how to improve upon long term healthy habits instead of “quick fix” diets
  • Access to Open Gym

Semi-private Coaching      $30 per 1 hour session

Semi-Private Coaching combines the best of multiple worlds of training.  Every individual is given their own program designed specifically for their goals. However, you do this in a small group of 3 people. At any given session time, we may have 3 very unique athletes working on their own unique program with one coach aiding everyone on their individual program. We have found that we can get great results this way while reducing the cost of training for our athletes. Most people also enjoy the added camaraderie associated with achieving new goals with other people. In our semi-private program, you the athlete are not required to find “workout partners” with similar schedules, goals, limitations, and abilities. Our athletes sign up online for a coached time slot and each time slot has a maximum of 3 people allowed. These sessions typically focus predominantly on strength training and flexibility.

Key Aspects of Semi-private Coaching:

  • Creating goals and a plan of action to achieve goals in a realistic time frame
  • Addressing any physical limitations that could hinder the progress of the athlete
  • Thorough history and lifestyle inquiry
  • Creating a personalized workout with long term objectives and progressions
  • Learn to create long-term habits for long-term success
  • Nutritional assessments to optimize ability to reach goals
  • Teaching self-sufficiency to maximize open gym access

Private Coaching  $50 per 1 hour session

Private Coaching is our program that offers more personalized one-on-one Coaching. We use a functional movement assessment and lifestyle questionnaire during your initial consultation to develop a program specifically for you. This program would be the best option for individuals just getting started or those with very specific goals that may require more attention. Sessions for Private Coaching are 55 minutes long and we currently offer a variety of times to accommodate any schedule.

Benefits of FMS and lifestyle assessment:

  • Finding dysfunction or weaknesses to address
  • Finding mobility limitations, strengths, or weaknesses
  • Thorough history and lifestyle inquiry
  • Goal setting for success
  • Creating a manageable plan of action to maximize rate of success
  • Learn to create long-term goals for long-term success
  • Body composition measurements (if part of goals)
  • Nutritional assessments to optimize ability to reach goals